In the beginnning...

Jomo Audio is a Singapore local company founded by a broadcast engineer who worked in the field with extensive hands-on experience of video & audio mixing and signal broadcasting. In partnership with the experts from the hearing-aid business, by the inspiration from the Japanese word of "Takumi" or Craftsmanship Spirit, Jomo Audio crafts monitors that sound wonderful in ear and look splendid in hand. Started in the same year as the Singapore Golden Jubilee, Jomo Audio soon become one of most popular custom in-ear monitor brand in the Sound East Asia portable audio market. We kept challenging ourselves from all directions to keep up the spirit of innovation and the “Takumi” Craftsmanship Spirit that we in awe with.

Rejuvenate & Resurgence

Jomo Audio was at the top of their craft in 2019 when we decided to take a hiatus and sabbatical, studying deeper into the many intricacies behind IEM drivers implementations and the synergy between each and every driver types, circuitry design as well as material resonance. We began to research deeply into a myriad type of driver arrays implementation and experiment the various methods of optimization to allow lower driver count acoustical implementation to triumph high quantity multi-driver approach. The focused targeted group study resulted in the team developing a plethora of models within the same driver count and in-depth researches were conducted on every piece, understanding how every single element shifts account for a different audio perspective.

With that knowledge, our team began to meticulously develop a new line-up of Jomo Audio products, making sure that every single design was well thought-out with highly specific targeted sound profile, appealing to various usage purposes whilst creating a strong meaningful competition in the segment ; Essentially bringing forth a breath of fresh air in the highly saturated industry.

Combined with Joseph’s (JM Founder) passion for the automotive industry and finishes. We partnered with a widely acclaimed automotive paint and finish manufacturer into formulating IEM suitable finishes and chassis design that is completely unique within the industry.