In the beginnning...

Jomo Audio is a Singapore local company founded by a broadcast engineer who worked in the field with extensive hands-on experience of video & audio mixing and signal broadcasting. In partnership with the experts from the hearing-aid business, by the inspiration from the Japanese word of "Takumi" or Craftsmanship Spirit, Jomo Audio crafts monitors that sound wonderful in ear and look splendid in hand. Started in the same year as the Singapore Golden Jubilee, Jomo Audio soon become one of most popular custom in-ear monitor brand in the Sound East Asia portable audio market. We kept challenging ourselves from all directions to keep up the spirit of innovation and the “Takumi” Craftsmanship Spirit that we in awe with.

15 years in pursuit of audio nirvana and 10 years of IEM design experience

Joseph became a devoted audiophile at an early age during the rapid development and boom of the Hong Kong and Taiwan music industry in the early years of the Y2K. During his college years as an Electrical Engineer student, he became a DIY audio devices hobbyist. Soldiering circuits and making AMP and tinkering with other audio devices in the uni-lab became the start of his audio design career.

In 2012, Joseph started his IEM design and fabrication journey in his humble home-based lab after being a zealous audio enthusiast for more than a decade. He started with armature tools and material available in the market at the time and slowly building his name in the Singapore audiophile scene. Providing IEM reshell and repair service to local audiophiles gave him the opportunity to venture into a professional IEM manufacturer. At the same time, the idea of Jomo Audio is also hatching.

Quality partners and suppliers

In the year 2015, after making IEMs at home for about 3 years. Joseph decided to venture into making IEMs full-time and started Jomo Audio as a business. The name “JOMO” is a double pun. “JOMO” is the acronym for the “Joy of Missing Out”, or enjoying what you're doing in each moment without worrying about what everyone else is doing which perfectly described the feeling when he spent his time in the lab when making IEMs. It is also the experience Jomo Audio wants to deliver to the customer while using the IEMs. “JOMO” is also the combination of the first two letters of his name Joseph Mou.

Jomo Audio started to partner with local hearing aid experts to help to build up a professional lab. With the help of Singapore's local distributor of Egger, a German hearing aid tools and material supplier, Jomo Audio built a fully-fledged medical-grade lab with top-notch professional tools to further improve the quality of its IEMs. Jomo Audio also started a business relationship with well-known balanced armature manufacturer Knowles from the U.S. and Sonion from Denmark to get the latest and best quality audio parts in the market.

Well blended traditional techniques and the latest 3D technologies

IEM manufacturing techniques are derived from the hearing aid manufacturing process. Traditionally, the IEM shell manufacturing process started by making a negative mold from the physical earmold impression. This process became the norm for the industry for decades. Similar to the audio industry switching from Analog to Digital in recent years, the hearing aid industry started to switch to computer-aided design with the help of high precision 3D scanning, software modeling, and 3D printing manufacturing and ditched the hand-pour resin casting process.

Jomo Audio started and mastered the traditional hand-pour resin shell casting techniques and created tons of color combinations and artistic effects for the IEM shell and faceplates. Following the industry and market evolution closely, Jomo Audio started to adapt to the 3D CAD manufacturing process early in 2018 and developed its own mature manufacturing process. Aiming to get the best result from the traditional techniques and the new advanced technologies, Jomo Audio preserved the hand-pour resin casting process to create artistic design and blended it nicely with high precision 3D technologies to create high-class IEMs.

Constantly innovative

Since the kick start of the brand name, Jomo Audio has been constantly working on new material, audio drivers, manufacturing techniques, and tuning methods to create prototypes that will push the IEM performance further. Jomo Audio released the highly-awarded Flamenco, the first 11 drivers IEM with dual toggle switches in 2016. In 2017, the Mélange series hybrid IEM powered by A.C.U. air vent tuning system and C.S.U. phase correction tuning system empowering the user to tune their IEMs for different music by themselves. And during the Canjam Shanghai in 2018, Jomo Audio released the world's first electrostatic powered Tri-brid IEM Trinity and started the waves of Tri-brid competition shaking the portable audio market.

Jomo Audio pursues the spirit of innovation and with its vision in the audio industry pushes the bar higher. Starting to work with the Digital Fabrication & Additive Manufacturing Centre of Singapore in early 2022, Jomo Audio will carry on to create more exciting new products in the year to come.