How to order Jomo Audio CIEMs?

You will need to place an order through our web store, make payment and send your earmold impression to our Singapore lab. 

If you are in a city where there is a Jomo Audio authorized dealer, please visit them for audition and purchase. 

What is the current lead time for a pair of CIEMs?

Currently is about 4 to 6 weeks, from reception of payment, earmold impression and order form. 


What is the currency of the list price?

Singapore dollar

Is Earmold Impression included in the list price? 

No, it is not included. You can get it from your local audiologist. 

Is shipping included? 

No, it is not. 

To which countries do you ship? 

       We ship to any country that our logistic partner can reach.

How will you ship? 

We use SF Express to ship to most of the SEA countries. Otherwise, DHL. 

How shall I pay?

We accept credit card payment via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make payment. 

If I order a CIEM, where shall I send my impressions? 

You will need to send your earmold impression together with order form to our Singapore lab. Please do not use registered mail to send your impression. Order form can be downloaded from our Download page.  

Address: 16 Shaw Road, #01-04, 367954, Singapore. 

We do not accept register post from overseas nor any shipment requires GST (import tax) payment. 

Can you give me an update on my orders?

We have a very tight schedule for production, therefore, update during production will not be provided. We will only provide an update if:

1. an order has wrong or information what we may misunderstand on order form.  

2. an earmold impression is not up to our standard for CIEM production.

3. any other.

Can you send me a photo when my CIEM is finished? 


What if I need a refit for my CIEMs?

We offer 30 days free refit from the date stated on the invoice. 

Refit thereafter is S$75 per refit, plus the return shipping cost. 

What is your return/refund policy? 

We do not accept any return, refund or exchange. 

Do you offer MMCX socket for CIEMs?


Can I change my confirmed order before it's complete?

We do not encourage the customer to change a confirmed order, this may cause misunderstand and leads to a wrong build. We will charge S$100 for change of a confirmed order. Please contact us via info@jomoaudio.com for any changes. 

I have other questions and is not here!

Please send all of your questions to info@jomoaudio.com