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S100 Cappuccino UIEMS100 Cappuccino UIEM

S100 Cappuccino UIEM

The S100 Cappuccino was designed with audiophiles in mind and aimed to provide a solid high fidelity audio reproduction performance with the ability to be driven by low-powered music sources such as mobile phones, and USB dongle DAC, Bluetooth DAC and etc.   Powered by a 10MM dynamic driver with its diaphragm made from Liquid Crystal Polymer. Ultra-thin LCP film is compressed and formed under heat and pressure, giving the diaphragm shape that can reproduce sound with a life-like atmosphere and emotion with high fidelity and resolution. The rigidity of the polymer improves the robustness of the driver and its ultra-low thickness reduces the overall weight of the diaphragm and improves its efficiency.   Double Harmonic Acoustic Chamber encapsulates the driver inside the 3D printed solid uni-body shell. Printed with 50-micron resolution, the DHAC allows airflow between the front and rear chamber, diffusing and redirecting the sound in the shell with great control and achieving superb sound propagation efficiency.     The iconic semi-custom universal shell derived from Jomo Audio’s extensive digital earmold impression scan archive provides comfortable fitting with great passive noise isolation and a high level of comfort, suitable for extended listening sessions. Specifications- Single 10MM Dynamic Driver- Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragm- Double Harmonic Acoustic Chamber- 3D printed solid uni-body shell- Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz- Impedance: 15 Ohms
303H Fairlady303H Fairlady

303H Fairlady

Introducing the all-new 303H FairladyThe 303H Fairlady is a hybrid in-ear monitor powered by single dynamic drivers and two balanced armature drivers. Inspired by the well-known JDM sports car Fairlady, the 303H provides powerful sound with high potential for cable and ear tips rolling to achieve the sound that you desire. Using the same technologies from the Alpha Ti and the Impulse Ti, the 303H utilizes a single 10mm dynamic driver that is encapsulated by a 3D printed A.C.C. propitiatory acoustic chamber. The A.C.C. chamber uses its special acoustic structure to naturally reduce the emission of high frequency from the dynamic driver. 2 precision balanced armatures are grouped into 2 bands to cover mid and high-frequency reproduction. Each BA is coupled to a C.S.U. crossover network that will electronically and acoustically adjust the frequency and phase of sound from each group. Overall the 303H delivers powerful low-frequency bass, catchy mid-range, and clear high-frequency sound, all blended in harmonic. 303H Fairlady Features: 3D printed semi-custom UIEM shell 1 custom 10mm PET diaphragm dynamic driver unit 2 high-precision balanced armature driver units 3 channels C.S.U. (CrossSync Uniphase) crossover network 3D-printed acoustic structural chamber 0.78mm brass gold-plated 2-pin sockets Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz Impedance: 6 Ohms @ 1KHz, 0.5Vrms UIEM only. Available in multiple looks
Game Raider MKII UIEM

Game Raider MKII UIEM

The Game Raider MK II is equipped with an 11mm XSense Haptic driver specially designed and tuned to extend your gaming sense. Running in parallel with the BA-Dynamic hybrid acoustic system, the XSense Haptic driver provides one extra layer of gaming feedback. The payload is attached to a laser cutter high-precision stainless steel flat spring, powered by an ultra-thin CCAW voice core and ultra-strong rare-earth permanent magnet. The haptic driver is tightly attached to the IEM shell in a high-precision 3D-printed IEM chassis, directly transmitting feedback through the physical touch of the ear. Game Raider MK II sports a 9.2 mm dynamic driver from Foster, providing a powerful and deep bass response with ultra-low distortion. GR SWITCH - Turn your game on Featuring the GR Switch, a toggle switch to activate immersive gaming audio mode with haptic feedback or Hi-Fi music audio mode. Toggle up for gaming mode to activate the haptic driver for the best immersive gaming experience with 5.1 channels surround sound simulation. Toggle down for music mode to enjoy your best track in hybrid mode with energetic bass and engaging vocals. Specifications- Dual-sense Tri-brid design with   XSense Haptic Technology- 1 x Foster Electric 9.2m Dynamic Driver- 3 x Balanced Armature Drivers- 1 x XSense Haptic Driver- 1 x GR Toggle SwitchFrequency Range: 5Hz ~ 22KHz wide Frequency RangeImpedance: 12 Ohms
Impulse TiImpulse Ti

Impulse Ti

Experience unparalleled sonic precision and excellence with the Impulse Ti in-ear monitors by Jomo Audio. Elevating the standards of audio engineering, these cutting-edge IEMs are crafted to deliver an immersive auditory journey like no other. Boasting a refined design and superior craftsmanship, the Impulse Ti embodies a harmonious blend of power, clarity, and sophistication. At the heart of the Impulse Ti lies an ingenious combination of innovative technology and premium materials. These IEMs integrate dual dynamic drivers featuring custom 10mm titanium diaphragms, ensuring an impactful, well-defined bass response that resonates with precision. Complementing this, six balanced armature drivers create a rich, detailed mid-range for both vocals and instruments. Adding an ethereal layer, a single ceramic piezoelectric driver enriches the high frequencies, infusing spaciousness and clarity into the overall sound signature. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Impulse Ti embodies acoustic finesse and engineering mastery. Its CNC-machined titanium alloy shell, intricately designed with a multi-layered faceplate, exudes elegance and durability. The precisely tuned crossover network seamlessly integrates these drivers, culminating in a dynamic, immersive soundstage that captivates even the most discerning audiophiles. The CNC-ed brass A.C.C. bass acoustic chamber within the Impulse Ti is an engineering marvel meticulously designed to enhance low-frequency performance. Its precisely calibrated contours optimize airflow, creating an acoustic haven that tames resonance and eliminates unwanted harmonic distortions. This proprietary chamber not only regulates the flow of air but also orchestrates the perfect balance between bass depth and clarity, elevating your listening experience to new heights. Delight...
408H Skyline408H Skyline

408H Skyline

Welcome to the world of premium sound with the all-new 408H Skyline - a hybrid in-ear monitor crafted to elevate your audio experience. Inspired by the famed sports car, the 408H resonates with a dynamic fusion of power and precision in sound, offering exceptional potential for cable and eartips customization to match your unique preferences. Drawing from the acclaimed technologies found in the Alpha Ti and the Impulse Ti, the 408H features two 9.7mm dynamic drivers nestled face to face within a proprietary 3D-printed A.C.C. acoustic chamber. This unique chamber structure subtly reduces high-frequency emissions, ensuring a refined sound output. Its six precision balanced armatures, thoughtfully grouped into three bands, effortlessly cover mid, mid-high, and high-frequency ranges. Guided by a C.S.U. crossover network, each group of armatures undergoes precise frequency and phase adjustments, resulting in a harmonious blend of powerful bass, captivating mid-tones, and crystal-clear high-frequency sound.  408H Skyline Features: 3D printed semi-custom UIEM shell 2 custom 9.7mm PET diaphragm dynamic driver units 6 high-precision balanced armature driver units 4 channels C.S.U. (CrossSync Uniphase) crossover network 3D printed A.C.C. bass acoustic chamber 0.78mm brass gold-plated 2 pin sockets Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz Impedance: 8 Ohms @ 1KHz, 0.5Vrms Available in CIEM and UIEM UIEM available in multiple looks Indulge in a sonic journey with the 408H Skyline, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled performance and aesthetics, available in both Custom and Universal designs.
Instinct EmeraldInstinct Emerald

Instinct Emerald

Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with the Instinct IEM and Adrenalin MKII 4W cable bundle by Jomo Audio. The perfect harmony between cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, this bundle offers you unparalleled sound quality and a listening journey like no other. Key Features: Instinct IEM: Equipped with a captivating audio signature that blends powerful bass, rich mid-tones, and spatial high frequencies. Experience extraordinary sound quality with this innovative IEM. Adrenalin MKII 4W Cable: Crafted with precision using OCC Silver-Plated Copper material and 4 strands of 21 AWG silver-plated copper wire, the Adrenalin MKII 4W cable complements the Instinct IEM, enhancing its performance for an elevated listening experience. What's Included: Instinct IEM in Emerald Green Adrenalin MKII 4W OCC Silver-Plated Copper Cable Specifications (Instinct IEM): 2 Custom 10mm Titanium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Units CNCed brass A.C.C. bass acoustic chamber 6 High-Precision Balanced Armature Driver Units 1 Nine-layer PZT Ceramic Piezoelectric Driver Unit High-precision 3D Printed Shell, Precision Cut Faceplate Design Frequency Response Range: 20Hz ~ 80KHz Impedance: 9 ohms @ 1Khz 0.5Vrms  Specifications (Adrenalin MKII 4W Cable): 4 strands of 21 AWG Silver-Plated Copper Wire High-precision CNC-machined solid metal components OCC Silver-Plated Copper material for enhanced sound performance Why Choose Instinct IEM with Adrenalin MKII 4W Cable Bundle? This exclusive bundle provides you with a synergy of outstanding audio quality and premium craftsmanship. Whether you're an audiophile or a music enthusiast, the Instinct IEM paired with the Adrenalin MKII 4W cable delivers an exceptional and immersive listening experience.
Alpha Ti LE UIEMAlpha Ti LE UIEM

Alpha Ti LE UIEM

Alpha Ti, utilizing Selective Laser Melting or SLM 3D printing methods to create the outer shell with medical grade Titanium. Using high power laser beams, directly melting Titanium power in more than 1200 layers to form a ergonomic IEM shell that are difficult to achieve with subtractive manufacturing methods. The printed shell go through a process of 12 hours hand polishing to create a fine smooth and shiny mirror finishing. Topped with a laser engraved Titanium faceplate with a artistic contour line decoration to give the Alpha Ti a classic aesthetic. Titanium is known for its strong, light weight and skin friendly property, been widely used in medical and aerospace provides superior resistance to scratch and hypoallergenic benefit provides long lasting comfort and high aesthetic of the IEM. In acoustic design, the Alpha Ti sporting 3 types of different drivers to create a full spectrum audio performance. Using two 9.7mm dynamic drivers from the well known Japanese dynamic driver manufacture, Foster, for bass response. The two DD drivers are coupled by a newly designed Airflow Control Chamber, A.C.C, that is CNCed from solid brass. Using 2 groups, total 6 Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles, and a newly developed multi-layer ceramic Piezoelectric driver as a super tweeter to gives a sparkle top-end.   The 9 drivers are connected with a newly designed CSU (CrossSync Uniphase) crossover network, splitted into 4 channels of electronics sound path, adding 3 path of acoustic wave guide, allowing the different drivers to work in synchronize in phase...
GT600 Gran Tourer UIEMGT600 Gran Tourer UIEM

GT600 Gran Tourer UIEM

The GT600 Grand Tourer is the newest flagship IEM and the fifth IEM model release since Jomo Audio’s re-brand with a motorsport inspiration concept in 2021. Jomo Audio innovatively blended new material, manufacturing technics, and design ideas into the solid in-house IEM electro-acoustic design. Delivering a unique, robust high-end IEM for zealots audiophiles. The GT600 Gran Tourer is packed with a powerful 12 drivers electro-acoustic design structure under its hood. Three types of drivers are masterfully blended together to reproduce music in harmony. Jomo Audio aimed to provide audiophiles with a powerful and energetic listening experience with vivid vocals and instruments. A lot of air in the high provides a great sense of space.4 Electrostatic drivers from Sonion with 6 balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion connected to the special 10mm co-axial dual-diaphragm dynamic driver through a 6 ways passive crossover circuit. The Super Carbon Nanotube Diaphram in the dynamic driver moved by more than 1 Tesla in a magnetic field, given an ultra-low distortion and yet powerful bass production. With all its technical marvels, the GT600 provides a very resolving and ear-catching sound signature for the audiophile. The UIEM shell shape was created based on an overlay of thousands of earmold impression digital scan archives that Jomo Audio collected in the past 7 years creating a very comfortable and ergonomic shell shape. Each piece of shell required 3 pieces of high-precision mold to create. Used chopped carbon fiber from Japanese composite manufacturer TORAY東レ株式会社and compressed under 10kg/cm^2 force in...
308 Spyder UIEM308 Spyder UIEM

308 Spyder UIEM

With the 308 Spyder, Jomo Audio (JM) brings music performances right to you. Created with a specific purpose of engagement and musicality enjoyment, the 308 Spyder focuses on extreme levels of immersion, allowing the auditory senses to transcend right into the middle of the musical performance through capturing and perfect portrayal of vibrancy, airiness, and musical vibes.308 Spyder presents itself as an incredibly fun and accurate audiophile monitor, when fed with an array of challenging audiophile tracks, it’s able to stay musical and dynamic, effortlessly displaying every inch of the details with zest and gusto.308 Spyder features a brand new JM (Audiophile) crossover system which accentuates airiness overtones, spatial imaging as well as a clean natural sound. Highs and lows extensions are boosted through the JM(Audiophile) crossover system allowing a huge sense of space and keeping users highly engaged through the immersive nature of this implementation. 308 Spyder excels in delivering the emotional aspect of music.308 Spyder UIEM comes with forged carbon fiber faceplate infused with emerald green gold foils together with transparent green color solid resin shell chassis, topped with iconic metallic JM logo.   Specifications- 8 New Generation Balanced Armatures- 2 low, 2 mids, 4 high- 3 ways Tripartite crossovers- 3 BoresFrequency Range: 20Hz ~ 40KHzImpedance: 15 Ohms
306 Supra UIEM306 Supra UIEM

306 Supra UIEM

Inspired by monitor speakers and how they manifest sound stage, depth, details, and stereo imaging, the 306 Supra has been created to replicate the experience of near-field studio monitors into a set of IEMs. Jomo Audio (JM) team was tasked to engineer an implementation of driver arrays that is able to stay loyal to absolute neutrality while conferring a pristine set of life-like stereo imaging without losing the tiniest bit of detail or adding any form of coloration.Paired with raw recordings or well-recorded studio tracks, the 306 Supra manifests its persona as an incredibly revealing set of monitors with 3D imaging as well as a neutral balanced response. Best employed in situations where imaging or neutrality, as well as minute detail retrieval, is important or in cases of critical listening to correct track’s misaligned elements.Engineered with the newest BA drivers developed in 2021, the 306 Supra features a brand new JM (Studio) crossover system allowing for a focus on balance and neutrality while having highly accurate and monitor-like stereo imaging and depth of sound.Precision transient response, as well as excellent clarity, separation, and accurate bass, form the core persona of 306 Supra.306 Supra UIEM comes with forged carbon fiber faceplate infused with brilliant blue gold foils together with transparent blue color solid resin shell chassis, topped with iconic metallic JM logo. Specifications- 6 New Generation Balanced Armatures- 2 low, 2 mids, 2 high- 3 ways Tripartite crossovers- 3 BoresFrequency Range: 20Hz ~ 22KHzImpedance: 18 Ohms
304 Boxster UIEM304 Boxster UIEM

304 Boxster UIEM

With the 304 Boxster, Jomo Audio (JM) manifests its best implementation in the mid-range. Capable of pulling out extremities in details and musicality in the entirety of the mid-range frequencies, the 304 Boxster succeeded in creating a lush and organic mid-centric sound signature that is suitable for vocals and acoustics enthusiasts as well as stage monitoring for vocalists and instrumentalists.Paired with modern-day Pop music as well as the golden classics, the 304 Boxster manifests its organic analogue signature extremely well.Engineered with the newest BA drivers developed in 2021, the 304 Boxster features a brand new JM (Live) crossover system allowing for a perfect implementation in the midrange frequencies. Enjoy distinct and highly accurate mids, extended high with a full bass response with this monitor.304 Boxster UIEM comes with forged carbon fiber faceplate infused with soul red gold foils together with transparent red color solid resin shell chassis, topped with iconic metallic JM logo. Specifications- 4 New Generation Balanced Armatures- 1 low, 2 mids, 1 high- 3 ways Tripartite crossovers- 3 BoresFrequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHzImpedance: 34 Ohms
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