[Press Release] Jomo Audio Introducing the all new IEM: Instinct Emerald

[Press Release] Jomo Audio Introducing the all new IEM: Instinct Emerald

Jan 05, 2024

Jomo Audio Introducing All New IEM: Instinct Emerald

Introducing 'Instinct-Emerald,' the newest addition to Jomo Audio's distinguished product lineup, embodying the brand's commitment to professional IEM manufacturing and impeccable craftsmanship.

'Instinct-Emerald' showcases a meticulously detailed laser-cut faceplate design and a precision 3D-printed shell in a captivating Emerald Green. This design ethos seamlessly continues Jomo Audio's legacy of unwavering commitment to exceptional audio quality and engineering expertise.

'Instinct-Emerald' is a testament to Jomo Audio's dedication to delivering extraordinary sound experiences. As a result of countless iterations in design and acoustics engineering, 'Instinct-Emerald' is set to once again redefine the standards of audio perfection.

Mastery In Craft

‘Instinct-Emerald' boasts a meticulously crafted 3D Printed UIEM shell, reflecting a culmination of thousands of ear-mold impressions archived in Jomo Audio's digital repository spanning several years.

'Instinct-Emerald' achieves its unique look through the combination of emerald-colored forged carbon fiber and an emerald green chassis, resulting in a captivating and distinctive appearance.

The faceplate design is inspired by hexagonal motifs and intricate intersections, resulting in a masterpiece that showcases Jomo Audio’s exceptional craftsmanship. It has been carefully reimagined and meticulously crafted from a single sheet of brass sheet using Jomo Audio’s in-house precision equipment, exemplifying a mastery of the craft.

Performance Redefined

'Instinct-Emerald' features a captivating audio signature, blending powerful bass, rich mid-tones, and spatial high frequencies.

Equipped with dual dynamic drivers tailored for the low-end, including custom 10mm dynamic drivers featuring ultra-thin titanium diaphragms, ‘Instinct’ delivers a powerful and precisely articulated bass response.

The six balanced armature drivers handles the mid-range to deliver lush, intricate vocals and instrumentals. In the high-frequencies, a single ceramic piezoelectric driver introduces an element of spaciousness and crispness to the overall sound.

Integration at its finest

‘Instinct-Emerald’ combines two dynamic drivers, six balanced armature drivers, and a single ceramic piezoelectric driver to cohesively work together. This integration is facilitated by a five-way passive electronic crossover circuit and a four-way acoustic crossover network, producing a vibrant and dynamic sound signature.

Technical characteristics

Boosted Low Frequencies

‘Instinct-Emerald’ boasts two custom 10mm dynamic drivers with ultra-thin titanium diaphragms, offering enhanced responsiveness and impactful bass.

Enhanced Air Control

Brass CNC-machined Airflow Control Chamber (A.C.C.) efficiently controls air movement, allowing increased volume output through the sound waveguide.

High Precision Balanced Armature Driver Units

‘Instinct-Emerald’ utilizes six high-precision balanced armature drivers for heightened detail retrieval and transparent mid-to-high frequencies, allowing higher resolutions and presentations.

PZT Ceramic Piezoelectric Driver Unit

The nine-layered ceramic piezoelectric driver add extra airiness and brilliance to the overall sound performance.

High Fidelity Transmission


Introducing the Adrenalin MK II (4W) - an evolution of Jomo Audio's premium upgrade cable series. Seamlessly blending functionality with artistic craftsmanship, this meticulously crafted cable stands as the ideal pairing cable for ‘Instinct - Emerald’, while offering a robust upgrade option for a wide range of IEMs. It boasts an intricate construction featuring 4 strands of 21 AWG silver-plated copper wire and precision-engineered CNC-machined solid metal cable components.

The Adrenalin MK II (4W) encompasses stringently selected OCC Silver-Plated Copper material, engineered and crafted by Jomo Audio's cable artisans. This material choice ensures a delicate balance between amplified power and heightened speed, bringing nothing but the best out of the ‘Instinct - Emerald’ and any other IEMs.


Technical Specifications

- High-precision 3D Printed Shell, Precision Cut Faceplate Design

- 2 Custom 10mm Titanium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Units

- High-Precision CNC-machined A.C.C. (Airflow Control Chamber)   

- 6 High-Precision Balanced Armature Driver Units

- 1 Nine-layer PZT Ceramic Piezoelectric Driver Unit

- 5-channel C.S.U. (CrossSync Uniphase) Passive Electronic Crossover Network

- Brass Gold-plated 0.78mm Spring Core CM Female Socket

- Frequency Response Range: 20Hz ~ 80KHz

- Impedance: 9 ohms @ 1Khz 0.5Vrms

- Adrenalin MK II 4W OCC Silver-Plated Copper Cable (4.4mm plug)



Order link: https://www.jomoaudio.com/products/instinct-emerald