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Your Daily Driver

Design Now

Introducing the first IEM from Jomo Audio powered by a single Dynamic Driver.

Team Jomo spent countless hours in the past two years studying and experimenting with the characteristic of dynamic drivers and their implementation methods in custom in-ears form factor. Working closely with distinguished dynamic driver manufacturers in the industry, the team gained a solid foundation of knowledge in manufacturing and tuning dynamic driver power IEMs. By experimenting with different materials, shapes, sizes, and combinations of the diaphragm material, structure and material of the magnet, studying the airflow in the front and rear acoustic chamber, analysis of the volume of the acoustic chamber and etc., the team harvested significant design capability extension and knowledge. With the aid of extensive 3D modeling design and manufacturing process knowledge, the team was able to bring the idea from concept to actual psychical product. The S100 Cappuccino is the first offspring in the line.

The S100 Cappuccino was designed with audiophiles in mind and aimed to provide a solid high fidelity audio reproduction performance with the ability to be driven by low-powered music sources such as mobile phones, and USB dongle DAC, Bluetooth DAC and etc.

Powered by a 10MM dynamic driver with its diaphragm made from Liquid Crystal Polymer. Ultra-thin LCP film is compressed and formed under heat and pressure, giving the diaphragm shape that can reproduce sound with a life-like atmosphere and emotion with high fidelity and resolution. The rigidity of the polymer improves the robustness of the driver and its ultra-low thickness reduces the overall weight of the diaphragm and improves its efficiency.

Double Harmonic Acoustic Chamber encapsulates the driver inside the 3D printed solid uni-body shell. Printed with 50-micron resolution, the DHAC allows airflow between the front and rear chamber, diffusing and redirecting the sound in the shell with great control and achieving superb sound propagation efficiency.

S100 Cappuccino comes with free choice of signature coffee color 3D printed shell chassis, paired with artistic golden brown and milky white resin facpelate resemble the coffee art from your favorite barista and topped with a metallic JM logo in a glossy finishing.

For UIEM, order here: S100 Cappuccino UIEM

8K 3D

Highly optimised and accurate recreation of your inner ear canal geometry with the latest digital production process. State of art end-to-end digital production procress starting with high precision 3D scanning, preserving the every minute detail of your ear impressions. Processed by professional CAD software system and finally printed with the latest 8K resolution 3D printer. Lastly polished and assembled by highly experienced Jomo craftsmen with premium finishings of your choice


CSU utilizes both electronics filtering design and acoustic path design to create a unique crossover system that help to eliminate unwanted frequency from the driver and smooth the frequency response. Producing wider frequency range as well as improving SPL at super high frequency thus creating a full-bodied engaging sound with a natural sound stage.
Jomo developed 3 new types of CSU, Studio, Live, Audiophile to be employed in different setups and configuration based on models.


Signature Jomo Audio CIEMs comes with a very special set of paint/color option. Partnered with a widely acclaimed automotive paint and finish manufacturer into formulating IEM suitable finishes and chassis design that is completely unique within the industry. The specially made paint and laquer helped to create the most vivid color with a tough, high glossy finish.


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- Single 10MM Dynamic Driver
- Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragm
- Double Harmonic Acoustic Chamber
- 3D printed solid uni-body shell
- Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
- Impedance: 15 Ohms

What's in the box

  • Your custom in-ear monitors
  • Premium carry case
  • Soft mesh protection pouch
  • Silver Plate OFC Copper Stock Cable (3.5mm, 1.3M, L plug)
  • Balanced UP-OCC SPC upgrade cable, 4.4mm, 1.25M, straight plug (optional)
  • Carbon fiber print product ID card
  • Gold plated 1/4" adaptor