Near-Field Monitors

Design Now

Near-Field Monitors

Design Now

Inspired off monitor speakers and how they manifests sound stage, depth, details and stereo imaging, the 306 Supra has been created to replicate the experience of near field studio monitors into a set of IEMs. Jomo Audio (JM) team tasked to engineer an implementation of driver arrays that is able stay loyal to absolute neutrality while conferring a pristine set of life-like stereo imaging without losing the tiniest bit of detail or adds any form of coloration.

Paired with raw recordings or well recorded studio tracks, the 306 Supra manifests its persona as an incredibly revealing set of monitors with 3D imaging as well neutral balanced response. Best employed in situations where imaging or neutrality as well as minute detail retrieval is important or in cases of critical listening to correct track’s misaligned elements.

Engineered with the newest BA drivers developed in 2021, the 306 Supra features a brand new JM (Studio) crossover system allowing for a focus on balance and neutrality while having highly accurate and monitor-like stereo imaging and depth of sound.

Precision transient response as well as excellent clarity, separation and accurate bass forms the core persona of 306 Supra.

306 Supra comes with the Signature JM ‘Brilliant Blue’ shell chassis, formulated blend collaboration with automotive paint makers as well as a selection of Signature JM ‘Beam’ face- plate design that is laser-cut and etched off a titanium sheet.

8K 3D

Highly optimised and accurate recreation of your inner ear canal geometry with the latest digital production process. State of art end-to-end digital production procress starting with high precision 3D scanning, preserving the every minute detail of your ear impressions. Processed by professional CAD software system and finally printed with the latest 8K resolution 3D printer. Lastly polished and assembled by highly experienced Jomo craftsmen with premium finishings of your choice


CSU utilizes both electronics filtering design and acoustic path design to create a unique crossover system that help to eliminate unwanted frequency from the driver and smooth the frequency response. Producing wider frequency range as well as improving SPL at super high frequency thus creating a full-bodied engaging sound with a natural sound stage.
Jomo developed 3 new types of CSU, Studio, Live, Audiophile to be employed in different setups and configuration based on models.


Signature Jomo Audio CIEMs comes with a very special set of paint/color option. Partnered with a widely acclaimed automotive paint and finish manufacturer into formulating IEM suitable finishes and chassis design that is completely unique within the industry. The specially made paint and laquer helped to create the most vivid color with a tough, high glossy finish.


1 / 3
2 / 3
3 / 3


- 2 low, 2 mids, 2 high
- 6 New Generation Balanced Armatures
- 3 ways Tripartite crossovers
- 3 Bores

Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 22KHz
Impedance: 18 Ohms

What's in the box

  • Your custom in-ear monitors
  • Premium carry case
  • Soft mesh protection pouch
  • Silver Plate OFC Copper Stock Cable (3.5mm, 1.3M, L plug)
  • Balanced UP-OCC SPC upgrade cable (2.5mm or 4.4mm, 1.25M, straight plug)
  • Carbon fiber product ID card
  • Gold plated 1/4" adaptor
  • Brush with loop cleaner