Genesis UIEM

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We've been working hard with our friend Effect Audio for the past few months on something special with our technology and dedication to high quality audio. This "CLASSIFIED" project of our combined R&D has been working on, has bear fruit - GENESIS

- Patent Pending IsoFlux™ technology*
- Custom Precision CNC Gold plated Nozzle**
- 5 Drivers, 4 Way Passive Crossover, 3 Acoustic Waveguide
- High Purity Gold Plated Silver internal wiring Mars***
- Mundorf Supreme Solder

*IsoFlux™ nano magnetic coating isolates the drivers individual magnetic field. Zero interference results in accuracy, increased efficiency of energy exchange between electrical signal and sound pressure. These translates to possibly the most analogue sounding IEM.

**Precision made to order CNC Gold Plated Nozzle serves to secure bass accuracy and clarity resolution.

***Building Effect's Audio flagship Mars Cable as internal circuitry and stock cable ensures excellent transmission and thus detailed soundstaging ensues..

No expenses were spared in this pursuit of the ultimate audio. Much to our regret, due to materials scarcity pertaining to IsoFlux™ technology, Genesis will be a Limited Edition series.