World first triple way hybrid design. Powered by the best part of Electrostatics drivers. BA drivers and Dynamic drivers creating the pinnacle of IEM sound design.

Design Yours


Electrostatics driver was known for its unparalleled thin and lightweight membrane producing the most airy and natural sound that balanced armatures and dynamic drivers can never achieve. Traditionally, electrostatics technology has been used on numerous flagship full sized headphones that require special transformer and amplifier to power it from external power source. Due to this constraint, portability of such headphone is next to none exist. Jomo Audio works closely with world leading electrostatics driver manufacturer to miniaturize electrostatic drivers and its transformer that can fit right into a tiny IEM shell. Electrostatics powered IEM is no longer a dream. 

Miniature electrostatic drivers

Trinity utilizing two miniature electrostatics drivers as super tweeters, delivering the most rich, airy and natural treble that you probably have never heard before. Featuring proprietary Cross-Sync Uniphase crossover network, allowing the super tweeter to work with other drivers in the system in its most efficient way. No treble detail has been overpowered by other frequency range and get ready to immerse into a voluptuous 3D soundstage. 

Quad BAs were masterfully tuned into two frequency bands, crafting textured and detailed midrange to high frequency. Vocal and instruments are so lively that the imaging is beyond phantom. 

Single dynamic driver delivering powerful and deep bass offering you a visceral low frequency experience that will make you jump from your seat.  

The Trinity is truly a masterpiece providing devilishly stunning listening experience on the go. 


Duo Electrostatics drivers with internal transformer

Quad Balanced Armature drivers

Single 8mm Dynamic Driver

Four ways crossover network

Powered by proprietary Cross-Sync Uniphase crossover network

High purity Silver Plate Copper internal litz wiring.

FR: 20Hz - 80kHz

Impedance: 30 ohms @ 1K Hz.

RDC: 40 Ohms

Premium Italian Buttero Veg tan leather carrying case