Taking Earmold Impression

What is Earmold Impression? 

Earmold Impression is a very important part for making a good pair of In-ear Monitor or Hearing Aid. This is a standard procedure been used by the Audiologist for a long time and proven with no damage to your ear and no risk if it is done under proper supervision by qualified Audiologist or experienced technicians. 

Where to take It? 

Earmold Impression is normally available at general hospital, hearing clinic, or even hearing aid shop. Please check your local yellowpage and find a qualified specialist. 

How to take it right?

The Earmold Impression required for In-ear Monitor is slightly different from hearing aid. There are multiple sizes of hearing aid and sometime they do not need a full impression of the ear. For In-ear Monitor, we will require a Earmold Impression covers the full concha and pass the 2nd bend of the ear canal. 
Normally, the technician who takes Earmold Impression for you will keep the standard for hearing aid if there is no special instruction were given. So please do inform them at the beginning with the standard below. 

A pair of proper Earmold Impression.

Names of the Human Outer Ear Parts

Sending your Earmold Impression

Once you have made a good pair of earmold impression. Now it is time to send it for fabrication. Please do double check your impression and make sure it meets the requirement above. Securely put the impression in a crush proof box and send it over to our lab. 
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