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Refurbishment Service

We would like to introduce our IEM Refurbishment Service for Jomo Audio Custom IEM product.

1. Refurbishment service is available for Jomo Audio IEM original owner and customer purchased second hand Jomo Audio IEM from market places.

2. Customer purchased second hand Jomo Audio IEM will become original owner after refurbishment service.

3. Refurbishment service including full reshell, free diagnostic, free replacement for old/damaged/distorted drivers, sockets, stock cable (none Effect Audio cables), and any other components. Refurnished IEM come with full set of accessories and carry case.

4. Refurbished IEM will have One-year limited warranty started from the date of delivery, standard terms and conditions for refit and warranty apply.

5. Refurbished service order shall be placed as normal order and standard order acceptance terms & condition apply.

6. Price for refurbishment service

  • 3 drivers and below model: S$300 (Including ONE free transparent color shell) Price will be increased from 15th July 2018. 
  • 4 drivers to 6 drivers model: S$350 (Including ONE free transparent color shell). Price will be increased from 15th July 2018. 
  • 7 drivers to 8 drivers model: S$450 (Including ONE free transparent color shell). Price will be increased from 15th July 2018. 
  • Above 10 drivers model: S$550 (Including ONE free transparent color shell)
  • Standard artwork price applies for additional artwork(s). Price will be increased from 15th July 2018. 
  • Price does not include earmold impression and shipping.
7. Returning IEM requirement:
  • IEM body, both sides with serial number displaced on IEM shell.
  • Warranty card.
  • Proof of purchase, scanned copy via email.
  • New Earmold Impressions

8. Universal IEM is NOT available for refurbishment.

9. Following models are not supported by refurbishment program : Jomo1, Jomo2, Jomo3, Jomo4, Jomo5, Jomo6, Jomo6R.

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Paid Repair Cost

This is a guideline and estimation for repair work carried out on out of warranty product and product with issues that are not covered by warranty. Repair service DOES NOT refresh existing warranty period. Jomo Audio reserve the right for the final quotation of the repair service. 


  • Repair work without reshell: S$150
    • Patching cracked shell
    • Replacing socket(s)
    • Change of faceplate with additional artwork cost
    • etc.
  • Repair work with reshell: S$250
    • Change of artwork with additional artwork cost 
    • Damaged shell
    • etc. 
  • Driver replacement: S$50 per driver unit, single driver or dual drivers.