THE Flamenco that people talked about. One of the best BA based In-ear monitors ever created known for is insane detail and top-notch performance. Packed with 11 drivers and two analog switches, providing 4 different sound signatures.

Suitable for all. Starts from S$2899.00

Design Yours


Eleven Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

1 x Sub, 2 x Low, 4 x Mids, 2 x High, 2 x Super High

Five ways crossover network

Two analog toggle switch with Bass Boost and High Boost

Four sound signature combination

Three Ti Metal Sound Bores

Silver Plate Copper internal litz wiring.

FR: 20Hz - 40kHz

Sensitivity: 106dB

Impedance: 35 ohms @ 1K Hz, both switches down

Noise Isolation: 26dB +/- 3dB(Custom Version)


"Joseph managed to create a truly high end, TOTL custom IEM, and it performs exactly how you expect a flagship to do. It’s the best unit Jomo Audio has created so far ( review time year 2017 ) and it has quickly become one of my favorite monitors."

 - Lieven, Headfonia.com