World first triple way hybrid design. Powered by the best part of Electrostatics drivers. BA drivers and Dynamic drivers creating the pinnacle of IEM sound design.

Suitable for audiophile. Starts from S$4490.00

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 THE Flamenco that people talked about. One of the best BA based In-ear monitors ever created known for is insane detail and top-notch performance. Packed with 11 drivers and two analog switches, providing 4 different sound signatures.

Suitable for all. Starts from S$2899.00

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Totally in control! With the latest A.C.U. exchange filter technology, Quatre provides an adjustable hybrid IEM design allowing user to adjust the amount of bass to your preference. 

Suitable for audiophile. Starts from S$1999.00

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Packed with four BA drivers provides linear sound signature with lifted vocal presentation. Utilizing vented BAs for mid and mid high frequency for a full bodied listening experience. 

Suitable for vocalist, engineer and audiophile. Starts from S$1099

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Game Raider

Attention Comrades, enemies are approaching! 

Designed for competitive gamer who are fighting to improve their gaming performance and ranking. Powered by B.B.A.C. technology empowering gamers with a "third-eye" locating opponents with higher precision and faster response.

Suitable for gaming. Starting from S$799.00

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The One Driver Wonder! 

Powered by one single BA driver with no crossover, pursuing the purist sound and performance from a single source. No phase cancellation, no interference, pure harmonious music.

Suitable for all. Starts from S$499.00

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