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Having developed first the Music and Vocal version we discovered the need for an extended dynamic range. The work on our BaX began and the Dual Twist cable was born.

  • Recommended for High End Audio Listening
  • Low crosstalk
  • Available in Lenght of 127 cm (50") and 162 cm (64")
  • Available with MMCX, 2Pin and T2 connector

Linum® BaX Cable

BaX is a true high-end reference cable, conveying music with supreme precision, impact and dynamics. Its stereo imaging capabilities illuminate the farthest corners of the sound picture in all three dimensions.

The BaX model acts like a "loudness" button! The highs and lows have been lifted which significantly improves the dynamic range of the IEM! Ultimately the lower the impedance on the IEMs the more influence the Linum® cable will have on the sound impression. Crosstalk is minimized on the Linum® BaX due to the dual twisted Linum® cables.

Linum® Music Cable

he music version is our baby. The first cable we developed and still our favorite sound signature today.

  • Recommended as all-round solution for Easy listening, Stage-use, Studio recording
  • Avoid fatigue from many hours in Ear Monitor use

The sound picture of Music is open and grandiose. Micro dynamic and ambience will be evident when listening to complex compositions. It reaches a very high degree of definition in the perspective, which is very present. It is true to the music with a tremendous clarity. 

Linum Cable Warranty Terms and Conditions:

All price stated does not include shipment and earmold impression service

IEM not included

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