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As professional and creative audio studio, Effect has been committed to offer devoted Hi-Fi fans with the handcraft cables since established in Oct 2009. Incorporated in Apr 2011 in Singapore.Effect Audio started as a home studio. Through years of efforts, Hi-Fi fans have recognized our company as a Hi-end cable manufacture.

Effect's R&D facility is located in Singapore, to ensure that we always implement the latest technology to our products. We strategically set our production facility in China. With state-of-art manufacturing equipment and professional engineers, Effect Audio is able to roll out products that bring the best quality and value to all of Hi-Fi fans.

Thor Copper

“If you have read the previous parts you know that this cable shines with bass, clarity, vocals and treble. That is exactly the reason why this IEM cable is my fav cable when using the Cosmic Ears BAF4. They already have smooth mids and are more recessed in the treble region so these two make a perfect couple. Together with the 1964Ears V6S which has forward vocals and extended treble the sound became a bit too forward with this cable for my liking.” — Headfonia, Lieven

Material: 28 AWG OCC SPC, PE Insulation

Length: 1.2M



Eros is designed and built exclusively by Effect Audio. It is made up of cryo treated UPOCC Pure Copper and UPOCC Pure Silver. The base core used in UPOCC is 7N purity Copper and 5N purity Silver. It has detail, instrument separation, smooth sounding like silver, as well as great soundstage, punchy bass and a little bit of laid-back feel like Copper. It perfectly balanced both impact bass and crystal clarity. Great Soundstage and instrument speration makes Eros a perfect upgrade cable.

Material: 26 AWG OCC Silver + OCC Copper, PE Insulation

Length: 1.2M

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