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The brand new Jomo Audio Signature Series are the result or countless nights and weekend we spent on R&D. This is the new sound that we want you to hear and enjoy.

Jomo4 V2 is the brand new design based on the original quad drivers design. With improved and balanced sound. Punchy and tight bass, clean mid range and detailed high frequency presentation. Packed with one low, two mid-range and one high drivers, produce and overall flattish sound signature. 


Quad Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

One High, Two Mid-range and One Low. 

Three ways crossover with Tri-Bores design. 

Medical grade stainless tube on high frequency driver for precision high frequency reproduction. 

FR: 20 Hz -20 kHz

Sensitivity: 109 dB

Impedance: ~35 ohms

Noise Isolation: 26dB +/- 3dB (Custom Version)



Cable: 1.3M OFC twisted pair cable with 3.5mm L shape stereo jack.

Come with: Jomo Box carry case, cleaning tool, gold plated in-flight adapter, gold plated 1/4 inches adapter. 

12 months limited warranty against manufacture defect.

1 months free refitting. 

Made In Singapore


How to order artwork: 
1. A La Carte
Each design is paid individually. Please email us for special invoice.

2. Design Package
Standard Design Package: Free of charge by default. Customer can pick up to TWO transparent colors.  
Custom Design Package: Customer can pick ONE shell color(L1 or L2) and ONE Base Layer Faceplate (L3 or L4)
Deluxe Design Package: Customer can pick anything, but need to be feasible and doable. 

3. CDP + A La Carte
Customer can pick CDP( one color & one faceplate) and add on extra artwork. For example CDP plus top layer faceplate, or extra laser engraving. 



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Artwork Price


Imaging shown is for illustrative purposes only. Actual color, design and driver maybe different. 

 All price stated does not include shipment and earmold impression service

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