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Jomo3 is a triple drivers IEM. With one high/mid and two low driver, 2 ways crossover configuration covers the full spectrum.

Provides breath taking clear treble and slightly enhanced bass, music never sounds so fun! Big sound stage with good extension on both high and low side. The bass is punchy and yet the treble is crystal clear. It is just so smooth....



FR: 20Hz to 18KHz

Sensitivity: 118 dB

Impedance: 20 Ohms

Advanced horn sound outlet design*.

*Horn sound outlet design depends on the size of the ear canal portion. When the ear canal is not big enough for three sound tube to be recessed in a horn sound outlet design, a flush sound outlet will be build. Jomo Audio reserve the right to decide if a horn sound outlet is possible. 



Cable: 1.3M OFC twisted pair cable with 3.5mm L shape stereo jack.

Come with: Jomo Waterproof hard carry case, Jomo Wire, cleaning tool.

12 months limited warranty against manufacture defect.

1 months free refitting. 

Made in Singapore


How to order artwork: 
1. A La Carte
Each design is paid individually. Please email us for special invoice.

2. Design Package
Standard Design Package: Free of charge by default. Customer can pick up to TWO transparent colors.  
Custom Design Package: Customer can pick ONE shell color(L1 or L2) and ONE Base Layer Faceplate (L3 or L4)
Deluxe Design Package: Customer can pick anything, but need to be feasible and doable. 

3. CDP + A La Carte
Customer can pick CDP( one color & one faceplate) and add on extra artwork. For example CDP plus top layer faceplate, or extra laser engraving. 


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Imaging shown is for illustrative purposes only. Actual color, design and driver maybe different. 

 All price stated does not include shipment and earmold impression service

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