ACU Filtered Earplug

ACU Filtered Earplug helps to protect your hearing from the loud and noisy working environment while allowing you to communicate with one another with reduced volume. Built with the latest 3D printing technologies offers the best fitting for long hours wearing and structural durability. 

ACU filters are exchangeable with 3 different acoustic resistance allowing the user to choose the suitable one for the working environment. 

Material: Hard Hypoallergenic acrylic

ACU Earplugs come with:
• Our Premium soft IEM case
• A cleaning tool
• A removable lanyard
• Your choice of ACU modules or solid plugs:

Blue ACU module provides ~9dB 

Silver ACU module provides ~15dB

Black ACU module provides ~25dB

Solid Earplug provides ~26dB (not compatible with ACU filters)


This product is a custom made product. Earmold impression is required. Price does not include an earmold impression.