06 March


Hybrid Opal with clear shell | Samba Red and purple Mirror Faceplate | Samba Watch parts on carbon fiber with blue and red stripe, gold and silver nugget in Smoky Black shell| Samba Teak Wood with Cognac shell | Samba Aurora Mantle Faceplate with clear shell | Jomo6V2 Black mosaic with smoky black shell | Samba Purple and Yellow Mosaic | Samba Turquoise and Neon Orange | Samba Smoky black with special 3D stone faceplate | Samba Navy Blue and Aurora Neptune Faceplate | Samba SIlver nugget in purple with Aurora Mercury Faceplate | Jomo6R Ribbon faceplate with stary black shell | Jomo6R Ash wood faceplate with clear shell | Jomo6R Blue and red galaxy shimmer swirl | Jomo3  Red ribon in black | Special Carbon fiber faceplate in light blue shell | Jomo2 Maple wood faceplate in purple shell with shimmer | Jomo2 Gold shimmer in red shell | Jomo6R...
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29 September

What is Custom In-Ear Monitor?

What is Custom In-ear Monitors?  Customized in-ear monitor, or CIEM, was first introduced to the music industry in 1995. ...
01 March

Jomo5 reivew by HifiSenses

"What is especially wonderful about the presentation is that no one aspect ever sounds more emphasised than another....

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